Author Topic: Totally bummed! Advice please  (Read 997 times)

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Totally bummed! Advice please
« on: February 15, 2018, 04:58:19 am »
So my first fall on ice didn't go well.  I'm no newb, I know you NEVER fall on ice.  I still couldn't tell you what REALLY happened, but I think maybe I went on a tool that wasn't good because it blew and I decked.   Nothing dramatic it was only four feet off the ground, but it was enough.  I suffered a full tear of the ligament in my ankle.  When the ligament tore it took some specks of bone with it.  I literally can't put the weight of a comforter on my foot right now without extreme 10 out of 10 pain.

Anybody ever had a grade 3+ ankle sprain?  Did you fully recover? What helped your recovery? What hindered?
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Re: Totally bummed! Advice please
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Shit really sorry to hear that man. I have managed through several severe ankles sprains and a multitude of various lower leg injuries over the course of my athletic career (broken ankle too). The best piece of advice I can give is to find a superior sports medicine doctor, even if you have to travel to do so.

In the acute phase, you just need to immobilize the foot and keep swelling down. Stick with basic RICE first aid and NSAIDs to control swelling and pain. That is your only job. Once the swelling starts to subside (3-4 days, possibly longer) one thing I have done with good success is the contrast bath. Hot water treatment, then cold, etc. etc. The theory is that this helps draw blood in, then subsequently flushes it out as capillaries expand and contract. Best also to utilize a hot tub for this and put your ankle right on the jets as this also simulates micro contractions in the muscles--or so the theory goes. I will say that the evidence for this in treatment is mixed, but that may be due to comparability issues with various studies. See this:

That said, there is a psychological benefit and I felt it helped with managing the soreness I felt.

It sounds like you have a slightly more complicated situation with what could be an avulsion fracture so I would definitely listen to your doctor. That said, there are some real shitty practitioners out there so find someone that is good and you trust. Same thing for physical therapists. Injury recovery is more a mental game than anything. The body always recovers. Read up on treatments etc., so you have a baseline of knowledge when listening to your doctor. The big issue with this type of injury is whether the treatment involves surgery or going with a brace. This is likely a decision you will have to make at some point, or one that will be made for you given the particulars of your injury. There are pros and cons to both. The conservative approach is to go for a non-invasive treatment, but every situation is different. The biggest hurdle to long term success is getting back on your ankle too soon and re-injuring it. It's a slow process, just listen to your body. You will be fine.