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New Route on Cannon
« on: December 09, 2004, 12:57:56 PM »
On Novemer 27th, 2004, Katya Vorotnikova, Dimitry Shirokov, and I (Aleksey Shuruyev) climbed a new rock variation of the "Black Dike" route on Mt. Cannon. The route starts 10 feet below the second anchor of the "Black Dike". The general direction is left, and upward of the second anchor, where a pine tree is visible toward the end of the new route. Traverse left for 25 feet toward the dihedral, which is built of big blocks. (The traverse doesn't offer any protection.) There is good protection inside the dihedral if placed in the right spots. Climb staright up, to the end of the route, and be careful while using the potentially loose blocks.

The name of the route is "Russian Roulette" 5.9R, WI5.
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Re: New Route on Cannon
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Well done, all of you!  And a great name...


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Re: New Route on Cannon
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I was wondering if anyone knows how this route compares to Across the Great Divide 5.7 A4? The descriptions in both the Sykes guide and the Lewis and Wilcox guide are vague at best. Not like I'll be doing either anytime soon :o, just curious.