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No Shit
« on: August 28, 2001, 03:01:18 pm »
Post your favorite (preferably true) story of dumb things that you have seen climbing.  The story must begin with "No Shit...".  Here is my entry:

No soloer rescued from Cannon Cliff.  Two climbers (Rick and Boris) were doing Moonshadow on Cannon recently.  They were 400-500 feet up and heard some guy yelling for help.  They traversed/rapped/scrambled over to find a barefoot guy stranded on a ledge.  He had decided to go hiking and somehow made his way barefoot up the scree slope and started soloing the cliff.  Got up to a point where he couldnt go up any more, and was too gripped to go down.  Called for help and got saved.  The prussiked and free climbed the rest of the route with the aid of the other two, who loaned him some sandals.  The guy had supposedly never climbed.  Talk about having "more balls than brains"; this guy had more balls than brains OR shoes.


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FYI, the title of the posting was "No S__t", not "No Nuts".  The forum has one of those pathetic PC censors which automatically replaces offensive words.  Makes for a rather dull forum I must say...

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Re: No Shit
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Glad you cleared that up--"nuts" did seem somewhat sad....
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Re: No Shit
« Reply #3 on: August 29, 2001, 03:00:14 pm »
OK. I made some changes to the censor code. hope it is a little more palpable. I had actually forgotten that was in there. <g>
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