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Mechanics Route in Huntingtons
« on: August 27, 2001, 01:47:38 PM »
So my buddy brian and I finally did it. After deciding that we were too lazy to do the hike we decided to give The Mt Washington Auto Road the go ahead to have thier way with us, and they sure did $16 for car and driver and $6 for each additional adult. After getting over the mental trauma of being raped we finally made it to the ravine. All in all it is a really good route, The first 5.7R pitch is a very enjoyable pitch and actually really well protected, probably the nicest as far as moves go. The only reason we could figure that it gets and R rating is that your first piece of gear is about 10 feet up, but the climbing before it is way easy. The second pitch (crux) is pretty hard for the grade,a little awkward and very in your face, the gear is really good and the crux is short. The last pitch is probably the most exciting (read scary) pitch, but not that bad there is just some big scary features, like large flakes that seem, well they are just scary, but most likely solid as could be, oh it also has a nice 5.9 offwidth section right off the belay, thrown in for good measure, after the offwidth there is a very short, but nice overhanging hand crack, too bad it wasn't 80 feet longer. after that some easy, relatively exposed climbing to the last belay. So now your done the climb, well not really, actually you have 300 feet of adventurous 4th class scrambling and bushwacking to get back to the meadow, one of my favorite sections of the route.

So if your tired of the buzz in the valley go do this route its a super fun outing, in a great setting. Also of note, the first and second pitch belays are great places the view the people getting scared and freaking out about the headwall on the huntington ravine trail (3 seperate people had epics the day we were there).

And when you do the route bring some slings to replace the old ones at the anchor, we meant to do this but left the slings in our car.

E-mail me if you want some beta about the route.