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au Canada
« on: February 23, 2005, 01:57:44 pm »
Just got back from my first actual ice climbing vacation.  Not a long weekend, but an actual week+ vacation.  Flew to Calagary.  Stayed at the Alpine Club of Canada,s Lake Louise Hostel and did day trips from there.  The ACC hostel in Canmore, and another hostel at Castle Junction are also good choices.  

There is ice everywhere, of all grades and lengths, within an hour or two from the hostel.  The Av danger was generally low, but the temps were rather cold and the ice was sometimes rock hard.  Don,t let anyone tell you its all hard stuff.  There are beautiful climbs from grade 2 to grade 6 or 7.  Not sure what a 7 looks like, but we did everything from grade 3 to 6.  Its good to have someone who can actually lead a 6, so the normal people like me can see what its like.  People go there from all over the world.  Every day we met parties from the UK and US, as well as a few from France and Germany.

We did several routes on Mt Field – all named after beers – Carlsberg, Kronenbourg, Pilsner, Guinness, etc.  Did a couple of routes on the awe-inspiring Weeping Wall, on the Icefield Parkway.  A couple of days at small but scenic canyons like Grotto Canyon and Marble Canyon.  Got in line with the crowds at places like The Professor Falls on Mt Rundle, and Louise Falls on the shore of Lake Louise.  There really was something for everyone.  With a copy of Joe Josephsen,s  Waterfall Ice and a roadmap, you can find your way.  The ACC has a good series of maps also, as well as a guidebook to alpine climbs, and one to mixed climbs in the region.  You can get what you need at

The Canadian dollar is quickly approaching the US dollar, or we are sliding backward, so its not as cheap as it once was to go to Canada, but if you want to climb ice maybe longer ice in a more pristine setting then this is the place to go.  Cant wait to go again next year.

Thanks to Yuki for leading us up the hard stuff.  Maybe next year we can get the Weeping Pillar, and he can finish Nemesis and French Reality (or French Maid...or whatever it was).