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El Potrero Chico
« on: March 01, 2005, 01:02:47 PM »
Just got back from a few days of climbing at El Potrero Chico in Mexico. The weather was apparently fairly bad the past month with  quite a bit of rain (it was tracking in from rainy California) and some cold temps (like sitting in your sleeping bag reading a book type cold). By the time we arrived last week, the weather was great - could climb in the sun or shade.

There are about 50 new routes that have been done since last year. One of the best new routes is Pancho Villa Rides Again (5 pitches 5.10; to the right of Snot Girls) on the Mota Wall. Tami has a new edition of the guidebook out ($15 with a blue cover), which is available at her new shop next (uphill) to La Posada. She also has internet access and a satellite telephone you can use for a small fee.

Luis (son of Conrad and Luli) is running the Posada full time now. He is very prompt returning emails and has his cell phone with him at all hours ( La Posada now has some basic foodstuffs for sale (milk, cereal, coffee, cookies, etc), so you could actually just show up with money and buy breakfast and lunch stuff then have dinner at their eatery. Dinners still cost about $5 and are great. Beer went up slightly ($1.40) and rooms remained the same ($25) as last year. La Posada will pick you up or drop you off at the airport for $35 each way. They are very prompt and trustworthy - you won't miss your flight.

There were climbers from France, England, Australia, Japan, various parts of Canada and the US (east & west coasts) there last week.

We saw some amazing rockfall on Space Boyz (the size of half a fridge came off about ten pitches up and narrowly missed a bunch of Mexican locals near the pavillion) and on a few other routes. Obviously it's best not climb below others!