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of trolls & trolling
« on: March 18, 2005, 09:56:44 AM »
As you all have seen, occasionally threads get hijacked by a rather ugly, thick skinned, hard headed troll.  Everyone, including me sometimes, makes a mistake and assumes that you can slay this troll with a sword ( words ). This isn't so. Most trolls can be slayed with fire or sunlight. Most trolls!

There is one troll who is a little more resiliant than most. That would be the forum troll.  He can survive most anything. He gets his power from bantering wits and words with unsuspecting forum members. He takes joy in running around and causing havok, being a royal pain in the a**.  There is one thing that can defeat said troll though. Take away that that gives him power. If you see this troll, pretend it isn't there, don't even give it the pleasure off responding to it. It absolutely hates that. It will kick about and fume, throwing a temper tantrum, eventually going back under it's bridge to sulk.

There is an even more powerful method of slaying the troll and that is to banish him, taking away his speach, thus eventually making him powerless.  If he can't speak, he can't fight with the other forum members, slaying him. Unfortunately we can slay him once and he'll stay dead for a little while, but he can reanimate to cause havok another day. That is why when he comes back, it is best not to even give him the time of day. Ignore him. If he continues his tirade he can be banished again. With any luck after a while he will likely get tired of the game and go elsewhere.

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