Author Topic: Dacks - fixed anchor ban meeting Feb 24th  (Read 349 times)

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Dacks - fixed anchor ban meeting Feb 24th
« on: February 19, 2003, 02:23:09 pm »
someone sent me this message. tho I don't climb over in the Dacks, I think it's important.



Hey you ice climbers! In case you think this situation won't affect you,
remember that webbing on trees, v-threads, slung chock stones, fixed pins, bolts, and rap stations could all be called a "fixed anchor" by a ranger and the D.E.C.  You don't think ice climbers will be next on the list after the D.E.C. is done with rock climbers?  Right, keep dreaming if that's what you think!

I'm going to try to get another document put together the next few days highlighting some interesting points in the plan for folks to have before the meeting on 2/24.  Let's all get on board with this and stop the DEC before it's too late!  The public meeting in this area is in Keene, in the evening, on Monday Feb. 24 (details can be found on the DEC web page).  Last public comments (via letter, phone, email) accepted on April 11, 2003.

I'm not saying that we don't cause impact at popular areas, but in the big scheme of things we are a drop in the bucket as far as environmental impact and the wilderness areas go!!

I've probably opened up a can of worms now, but please feel free to write with comments/rants/suggestions/offers of help. Have fun, and be safe!

Bill Schneider, Lake Placid Resident
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