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Echo Crag
« on: April 20, 2006, 05:08:53 PM »
A couple of things...
1) Echo is suprisingly dry for any of you on the west side of the state.  Everything from Horn of Plenty to Skeletal Ribs is dry enough to climb.  VH-1 and Cooler Sacrifice look doable as well as a couple of climbs on the Shield and Carpet Path and Sleep in the Dry Spot at the far end of the first cliff.  That is about as far as I walked so I don't know about the rest. 
2) I think it has been mentioned already but there are some large trees down at the top of the cliff and others leaning on the cliff depending on where you are.  Pay attention to what is going on above you.
3) Horn Of Plenty (5.7) has major rock fall at the beginning of the climb. I did dit yesterday and it is only a little harder.  It still needs a good cleaning though so be careful as you go through the opening roof...there is a lot of loose stuff.
4) Someone is doing awesome trail work and has a bin full of gear out there.  Does anyone know who it is because I would love to get in on it.  Thanks for any info.
Have fun and be safe.