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Stolen Goods at Cathedral
« on: October 22, 2001, 01:19:40 pm »
Yesterday at cathedral my friend Brian and i were climbing lights in the forest, we started out at about 9:00 and at the second pitch (once we got above the trees) it started to get really warm, so we ditched some clothes, some polypro shirts and i dichted my polypro pants. We were in clear sight of the ground and tossed them a few feet off the trail into the woods. After getting rained off of the final slab we rapped down, and some people(s) took our stuff (except brians shirt). Needless to say i was pretty pissed, i would love to think it was tourists walking by but i really doubt it, i think it was probably climbers, these clothes must have smelled pretty bad,i slept in them the night before and wore them all day. Anyway i wish the worst on these people, these are the people that give climbers a bad name,i really hope they don't contribute to the general global problem of ignorance by reproducing, and i feel bad that thier parents took the time to raise such a pieces of trash. So if you ever see anyone grabbing stuff at the base of the cliff or ever hear of anyone that did such a thing, by all means do whatever you feel necessary. i don't really care about the stuff being gone but it just really irks me to think climbers would do such a thing

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Re: Stolen Goods at Cathedral
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2001, 05:07:08 pm »
ditto man. that is the lowest!
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Re: Stolen Goods at Cathedral
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2001, 08:52:26 pm »
Thats really too bad Jay. Having your stuff stolen gives you such a terrible feeling. Mabey my story will make you feel a little better (and mabey not).
Its been about 3 years since it happen and it took about 2 years till I could talk about it without getting insanely angry. In the summer of 98 I was staying with my friend on Hermoso Beach in CA (right near LA). I was out there for vaction and to play some volleyball. Playing in the sand is hard when you're used to a court and the guys out there were pretty sic. But it was good training for my senoir year season (high school).
After a while I was able to convince my climbing friend to fly out. The climbing options were numerous. A bit too numerous. We weren't experience climbers but we each had led some multi-pitch trad stuff, done a little ice, and had some experience in the mountains.
We decided to head north and do a quick accent of Mt. Whitney and then spend the last week on rock. The East LA bus station was scary and the ride was boring but we arrived safely that night and were able to find a camp site tucked under the mountain.
Having done our previous climbing in NH we had grown accustomed to leaving our tents and stuff at camp sites without worry. So in the morning we left our jumbo packs full of stuff and our sleeping bags in the tent and hitched a ride to the trail head. It was quite a day on the trail. We were 17 and invincible and decided that unlike everyone else we did not need to aclimitize.  After 6 miles we came to the high camp and my buddy decided he didn't want to get any sicker and threw in the towel (the wise decision). I found myself at the top (14,500ft) 20 hours after having left La, and I payed for it. Every time my heart beat was like a granade going off inside my head. I found my friend even further down the trail than where he stopped. He had gotten pretty sick. A good samaritan seeing this gave him water and sent him down the trail.
After getting a ride back to the camp site we discovered that after 22 miles on the trail, some awful blisters, and getting sick (My speech got a little slurred and I lost the most obvious trail in the world twice) we discovered that all our stuff had been stolen. Some sh*t head had left us with only light day packs 3000 miles from home. Now that sucks. I didn't even have my wallet. I had to buy a pair of 39 cent flip flops so I could take off my boots. We went to the two person police station and had to go over every little thing that was stolen. Mine added up to $2500 and my buddies added up to $2200.
Despite this the rest of the trip was pretty cool. We didn't have any climbing gear left so we hooked up with a guide service in the mountains somewhere SE of SF. The guide service was amazing. A guides brother drove us the 4 hours from the bus station to the cabin. We got to stay in their cabin and they fed us whatever we needed. The four days of climbing and instruction was just what we needed.

I not sure what the point of this story is, cause I don't think it will make Jay feel any better. But I felt like reminiscing.

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Re: Stolen Goods at Cathedral
« Reply #3 on: October 23, 2001, 08:59:13 am »
The point of all these stories, both here and on the Rumney thread, is that, whether we like it or not, in this day and age it is unwise to leave anything at the base of a climb (or on the climb itself) that you would mind losing (i.e. having stolen).  Between the number of tourists walking around (particularly at places like Cathedral and Whitehorse), and the number of scumbag climbers skulking in the shadows, nothing left unattended is safe.  I'd like, like everyone else, to think that fellow climbers wouldn't do such horrible things, but one look at the amount of trash, switchback cutting, etc etc visible at local crags and clearly attributable to climbers will tell you otherwise.  And, I have to agree with Ratboy on one point...stuff left up on climbs, be it a rope or a cam or a nut, will almost certainly disappear.  You have to be scummy to steal a rope, since obviously nobody would leave it there accidentally, but we've all found nuts, biners, etc. that we've considered booty.  And leaving a rope on a climb in order to "save" it is very kindergartenish...almost as bad as toproping the first pitch of a popular climb like Children's Crusade on a busy weekend (something Al and I saw a few weeks ago!).  It certainly doesn't justify theft by any means, but it is a breach of ettiquette.

Jus my thoughts...
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