Author Topic: 1/19-1/21 conway area and then up to Burlington  (Read 370 times)


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1/19-1/21 conway area and then up to Burlington
« on: January 18, 2007, 10:47:20 AM »
hey I'm heading up north this afternoon/evening and hopefully climbing in conway friday and or saturday and then up to Burlington to ski/climb saturday and or sunday. I have double ropes and five screws. I'm new to leading on ice, but am comfortable at WI2. I've climbed short WI4 pitches, but would really consider myself a WI3 climber.
I prefer longer routes and don't mind long approaches, but am always up for a crag work out too. I had originally planned to go up huntington's, but am a bit nervous of avy danger considering the forcasted snow. most of my regular partners are working or injured (not from climbing, don't worry, I'm a good belayer).
In conclusion I'm looking to climb anything anywhere I can get my car to go.