Author Topic: Tick Lists- Good or Bad?  (Read 950 times)

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Re: Tick Lists- Good or Bad?
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gags- this is late I know, but going back to your march 28 comment.

I never found any problem with what you are saying- that I will have difficulty finding partners. Maybe I am fortunate to climb with all kinds of people- some partners who climb way harder than I and some partners who are just now beginning to climb, and every type in between- like you said earlier the idea is to have as much fun as possible. In sport climbing, I know from a lot of great climbing days that a rollicking good time can be had by every one in the group, even if during the day I work on something from my list.

On trad multi-pitch routes, however, its most fun for both partners to have similar strengths and motivations anyway. A large part of big route climbing fun is rhythm and the meshing of mutual efforts into a hypnotic pacing, usually attained later in the day, after the jitters have worn off, and both climbers are warmed up.