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It's good... and it's politics!
« on: May 14, 2007, 05:50:44 pm »
Hi to everyone,

 I just saw this video today.

 It's really good...and it's politics. Imagine!

You might say,  'why post it",   or rather, "why not post every other campaign video, and, for balance,   post everyone's".

But the reason  I post this one in particular is simply because it shows concretely how  actions taken by one individual  over a long , long  time created a unique blazed trail that  lead to the manifestation of some of our  highest ideals becoming tangible, real benefits for the many lives she touched--a steady climb up to the top of the mountain so to speak.

 It will be interesting to see  how  our other candidates present themselves in articulating their vision and reflecting on  choices made in their lives  in terms of  seeing exactly the kind of person that we want to hold the most cherished highest office of our rich land and great democracy.

See the video at: