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Great Upcoming Music...
« on: October 16, 2007, 11:19:20 am »
I'm fortunate enough to be playing with a couple of different bands at the
Wildcat and other venues this fall and it should be fun.

One band you probably haven't heard of yet is Bear and the Honeydrippers.
This band features blues singer and harmonica player Bear. You may know him
as the biker-dude from Hoot Night and the White Mountain Boys. Bear is a
talented and charismatic performer. The core band consists of Bear, Ethan
Turley on guitar, Pinkerton on drums and me on bass. Let me tell you, with
Bear out front this band really rocks. He will be playing a number of times
this winter and the first gig is at the Wildcat this Thursday night (Oct
18th). Bear also tells me that he's bringing up great 2 guest performers
from The Vinyard. Definitely check him out.

Tony Sarno will be back at the Wildcat on several weekends this fall. If you
love blues and rock you should check him out. He does a great mix of classic
blues, rock and original tunes. The last time Tony played the Wildcat and
Parka people didn't stop dancing until closing. Lately the band has also
included local blues harmonica player Mike "Milwaukee Slim" Rocheleau. Slim
is perhaps better known as the tennis pro at Cranmore, but he is a killer
harp player and is a super foil to Tony's masterful guitar work. Don't miss
this band.

Sounds Clever, the R&B band I play with, is also playing at the Wildcat on
November 3rd. The band features Molly Dore on vocals, Ethan Turley on
guitar, Mike Rocheleau on harmonica, Dan Spofford on drums, Matt Moore on
percussion and me on the bass. We play great dance music that keeps people
on the dance floor all night. In addition this is a very special evening for
me as it's my 60th BIRTHDAY. Stu and all the folks at the Wildcat are going
to help me celebrate and put on SERIOUS party. There will be a big cake and
some great music from the band and a lot of friends who I hope will come
down and sit in for the festivities. I hope that you can make it out and
help me "get down for the night."

Of course I'm doing Hoot Night every Tuesday and it's been absolutely killer
lately. We've had members of all the local bands and some great solo acts
coming out to perform. Recently we've had a wonderful new singer/guitarist
from Berlin, Katie Rose, dropping by. She has a wonderful voice and her
choice of tunes is great. Regular fixture Thom Perkins has been in, Reverend
Ken Turley from Fryeburg has been dropping by regularly to add some
wonderful blues guitar playing and vocals, and Jonathan Sarty has been
playing and singing and even doing some very nice harp work. And if that
wasn't enough we've had a horn section featuring Marvin and Randy from the
Swingtones that make for an awesome swing blues review. We've extended the
closing 'till midnight so drop in early or late.

So here's what's on tap for the next couple of weeks. Put it on your

    Tuesday 16      Hoot Night
    Thursday 18     Bear & Honeydrippers    (8-12)
    Friday 19       Tony Sarno                    (8-12)  Country Cow (Campton)

    Saturday 3      Sounds Clever               (8-12)
    Tuesday 6       Hoot Nite                      (8-12)
    Saturday 10     Bear & Honeydrippers    (8-12)

Local music doesn't get a whole lot better than this.


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