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I really want to get into more mixed routes this year.  The problem though is that I stink at it , just need some practice.  Anybody got some ideas as far as easy M grades that are top ropeable. even before the ice gets here.  I've folowed stuff like hobbit coular and pegasus rock finish but have never been able get any skills down
steve thunstrom

Admin Al:
i'll probably get TRASHED for saying this...

you could walk up to Pegasus Rock Finish and TR it right now if you wanted! people do all of the routes on the Barber Wall as mixed routes. why not go there & TR those. what's the difference between doing them now or in the winter? there is little or no ice on them in the winter. I saw John Bragg on Child's Play in February couple of years ago and there was no ice on it except a dusting on the slab.


Old railroad cuts/ quarries/ road cuts can work in a pinch.

at the top of franconia notch there is an awesome road cut with great ice and some great mixed climbing as well.  it is all easily top  roped.


There's stuff at Duck's Head too...


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