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Mt Willard
« on: December 17, 2007, 08:42:35 am »
I did Gully #1 last year but had never tried the other numbered gullies on Mt Willard...thought I would try this past weekend but I was stymied.  The start of Gully #2 is very steep.  Its a series of connected pillars and corners.  Certainly climbable, but the start is a grade 4 right now, and you would have to hunt around for enough ice for good screws. 

Gully #2.5 has thin ice on the first 2 pitches.  I got in a couple of bad screws on sketchy ice on pitch two, and found myself in an awkward rock/ice chimney in search of thicker ice.  The bottom of the chimney was breaking up and I had trouble with lack of swinging room in the chimney.  Then I got hosed by two huge gushing ice dams exiting the chimney.  After several tries, and cold water running inside my clothes, we bailed.  The existing double V-thread rap station at the end of pitch 1 is there for a reason, as other parties must have bailed also.   

Cinema was fine, and uneventful.