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North Osceola Ice and Snow Climbs


Friends and I have been climbing routes in this the Dog Leg Slide Area of Mt Osceola that we decided to document.

At this point we've done routes ranging from grade 2 gully climbs to grade 4 +. The area is definitely backcountry with bushwhack approaches. During the last three years that I've been going in there I've seen a little skiing activity but little else.

This picture shows an overview of three ice climbs done recently that can be linked up with the Osceola trail for a round trip of about 7 1/2 miles.

 If you'd like more information you can view the guide that we created here:

Clicking on pictures in the guide allows you to view them in greater detail. To go back to "journal view" click on the back arrow of your web browser. We took the liberty of naming the routes and features fully aware that others may have climbed them previously. I hope the information is useful.


That's pretty cool.

I've heard a lot about people going up the big slide almost to the very top of the ridge, but I always wondered about all the other steep terrain in the area.


Just thought I'd mention that my partner Gavin and I went up to climb the route "Enduro Dads" this weekend using the excellent beta that Jack put up on the linked site. The approach was much easier than we expected, the way through the woods was actually well packed and recently traveled--though not all the way to the climbs (did someone snowshoe just into the drainage and go home?). The two pitches of ice were fun, the first steep and the second thin. We opted to bushwhack from the top of the climb to the Mt. Osceola trail, which was rugged (we had to crawl on our hands and knees) but worth it for the monster glissade we got down from East Osceola. All in all a great adventure. Thanks for posting the info!


I'm glad my info was useful to you. I've been going in there about once every 10 days through out the winter to keep the route in solid condition as I'm leading a group of friends in soon to explore some stuff on the right.



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