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weekend ice
« on: November 19, 2001, 08:23:20 am »
I didn't make it up into the ravine over the weekend, but several people I know did. apparently things were worth playing on in Tucks on Saturday, especially over by Left Gully. however on Sunday that changed. here's what Gary Lombardo had to say about Sunday's conditions:

"The weather was way too warm for climbing, but there
should be plenty to climb there if things freeze up.  Too much was coming down yesterday, with LOTS of water.  We did hike up the Tuck trail to the top of the headwall.  That was pretty fun (as looked the other gullys-- Left Gully, etc.).  I think if the snow holds off and the temps cool down
dramatically, it will be prime this weekend or the week after for climbing.  I would not recommend anyone going in for ice climbing until that point."

I haven't heard anything about Huntington yet...

Sunday in the Valley was gorgeous & quite warm and there were people on various cliffs. I was over on Whitehorse in the Echo Roof area & saw several parties. today is even warmer but it's too bad as I have to work. <sigh>
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