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Upgrade Your Gear at EMS- 20% off this weekend


This Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 20% off everything but Merrell and Necky. GPS and other kayaks all 20% off! In the stores and at

Here comes summer!

So mods get free advertising?  As if the thousands of trees sacrificed to put this glorious announcement in our collective mailboxes weren't enough?

Mike G:
Bristol, If it makes you feel better go plant a tree.

Let's see BP,

I posted information about an upcoming event that some climbers may find valuable on a climbing website in a forum defined and described as:

"Events & Announcements
The place to post information about upcoming events"

Sorry to offend you.

Sales! REI is having one too... Oh man.. must resist.. I need more biners...
let's see... another EMS charge, or threat of divorce... ... ah,... see you there.


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