Author Topic: Awaiting the trip report from the person who called on a cell for beta...  (Read 397 times)

Rocket J.

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on Sam's Swan Song this morning. 
Or at least that was the impression I had and from the time of the call I'm assuming the talus fields were far behind.
(Unfortunately the man with the beta is climbing in Yosemite at the moment, no cell phone.)

I did offer second hand beta from the verbal trip report I got & if time had not been an issue as it seemed to be (putting in gear, cell batteries dying?  Did not want partner to see/hear beta inquiry?)  I could have pulled out the guidebook and addl beta we had here.

I'm guessing your guidebook & notes blew away?
I am interested to hear the story behind all this.
And, more importantly, how did the climb go after all?

I don't know if I should actually be *worried* or if I should just be laughing.
I am kind of hoping that the climb was only being contemplated, but what I heard was that you were actually ON the climb.
Come on, let's hear what was really going on!
Enquiring minds want to know.
You can't call for beta like that and expect it to be kept quiet. ;D