Author Topic: 13 "Mountaineering" Quickdraws and Gri-Gri  (Read 570 times)


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13 "Mountaineering" Quickdraws and Gri-Gri
« on: August 30, 2008, 02:39:57 PM »
Three years ago I stopped climbing when a good friend died in an accident.  I haven't been since and I've decided to sell my stuff so that it will live life to the fullest.  This gear has seen use, but has never been abused.  There are several wire-gate 'biners included on the quickdraws, all of which are made of 2 carabiners and a sling (extendable, baby!).  I'm asking $75 and the promise that you will have a great time climbing with it.  I live in Boston, but I'll be in Franconia tomorrow and North Conway next weekend.  My number is 408 761 8968 if you are interested.


Here are the details

10 Black Diamond wire gate carabiners
3 Black Diamond Curved gate carabiners
3 Black Diamond straight gate carabiners
3 Kong Curved gate carabiners
3 Kong straight gate carabiners
2 Camp curved gate carabiners
2 Camp straight gate carabiners
13 Bluewater Runners/slings (24")- sorry, I don't remember the material

1 small locking carabiner
2 daisy chains
nut pick
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Re: 13 "Mountaineering" Quickdraws and Gri-Gri
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sent you a PM


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Re: 13 "Mountaineering" Quickdraws and Gri-Gri
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These have been sold!