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Seeking for information law/and first aid



I'm from Quebec, and i sometime climb in the US like New hampshire... I was wandering what could be the implications of providing first aid in your contry first to a canadian citizen  and second a us citizen...

If you know where i could find any reference about law involved, it would bo appreciate...


Not sure of just exactly you are asking but, most states now have what are refered to as "Good Samaritin Laws". These laws basicly say that you can not be held liable for any help you might give as long as you act in a reasonable manner.

Example: A car is burning with someone inside. You pull them out and in the process you do spinal damage and they are paralized. Under a "Good Samaritin Law" you could not be held accountable for thier spinal injury. You acted in a reasonable manner.

example 2: Car accident. Unconcous driver in no immediate danger. You drag them out and they are now paralized. In this case you could be held liable for thier injuries because they were in no immediate danger. In this case the law would say you should have waited for qualified help.

Hope this answers your question.

... it's exatcly what i was seeking for...   you just learned me that you have those kind of law too...  i thought we could be held responsible in USA...

...i will keep searching that way...



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