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Thought it was a new route but dashed when found rap slings

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My climbing partner Paul had his eye on this gem for some time. When it came time to do the route last week we found very old rap slings at the top. So it isn't a FA and begs the question who did it? We were dashed that someone up scooped us but also had such a great time on the route to post this clip on youtube.

That looks like a blast!Nice job.

great job, thanks for the video

Admin Al:
hey Mike

nice job man. great little video too. so is that Paul Cormier? he's done a bunch of stuff up there. what is that, SE facing? it won't be there long, will it?


PS t here is a typo at the ending that says North Bald Blap!  ::)

Cool video! North Bald Cap. Those are probably my slings. We've been calling that route, Gold Mine, WI4.  Such a good route, isn't it? In fact, that whole area is pretty nice. Much easier getting in now that the logging has opened a good roadway in.  Most everything in the entire valley there has been done before and a few that didn't form this winter. 


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