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Was exploring the Boulder Loop Trail below Sundown Ledge earlier today.  Amazing granite blocks are everywhere.  Many need some cleaning.

Has anyone been there previously and have any ideas of grades or where the better problems are?

Admin Al:
I'm sure Bob Parrot has done them all...  ;D  there is a very cool face up close to the top near the overlook. couple of cool looking cracks.


A couple of those crack still have pins in them. Some of the boulders look like there would be some good problems with a little work .

Dave Garham and Luke Parday put up some hard things there, V9/10 range.  Don't know where exactly.

i spent some time there last summer and that place has a shit ton of good bouldering. i'm not sure i could tell you grades or best,  but if you walk from the parking area for about 5 or 10 mins. you'll come to a little drainage after the trail for the cliff(sundown). poke around uphill there and if i'm remembering right you'll find some cool stuff up that way


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