Author Topic: Black Diamond » Manager told suspect the company didn't deal in actual diamonds  (Read 1330 times)

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This is sad, but funny-
The man threatened the shift manager with an ice pick and demanded "the precious metals and the money," Hutson said. The manager explained that the company does not really deal in diamonds or precious metals, and the man instead demanded anything of value.
- read the full article:


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LMFAO that is to good!

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Oh noooooooo.....  ;D
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I wonder what the robber would have demanded if he lived near the Marmot factory.

Where do you keep your rodents?

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This guy sounds dumb enough to rob Petzle and ask for sesame seeds and dipping mustard on the side...
Have a quiche, now, or maybe a tort.  You deserve it!

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Not to mention Rubber Room Resoles.


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I wonder how many creative leters CCH gets regarding their manufacturing of aliens.  There are plenty of area 51 nuts around