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Escape From Reality, Rumney
« on: June 16, 2009, 09:26:56 AM »
To anyone interested in doing the classic Rumney V9 "Escape from Reality," please do not use the approach from the Holderness Corner as listed in the old guide.  There is a rare plant, cut-leaf toothwort, that is located in this area.  The FS has erected a fence along the Meadows approach, and the hope is that this plant will be able to expand since there is additional suitable habitat in the area.  Toothworts are "spring ephemerals" that flower before the leaves are on the trees, and then seem to dissapear.  Hiking over them is bad.

Please approach the problem from the Parking Lot Wall trail; just where it makes a sharp right, instead head left.  I will define an approach in this area the next time I'm up there.