Author Topic: Buildering in Bar buildering bouldering?  (Read 791 times)

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Buildering in Bar buildering bouldering?
« on: June 20, 2009, 05:45:11 PM »
Needless to say, I woke this morning feeling a bit bitter and cheated.  After a long, hard week at work, mother nature was not willing to oblige a little relaxation on some rock this weekend (even though tomorrow will be the official first day of summer). 

I watched youtube clips of rock climbing and read the Acadia guide book to try and fill the climbing void;  however, the clips and books made me want to head out all the more, and my body was literally getting twitchy.

Finally, the rain turned to a light mist and my wife could not take my antsyness any more so we went over to the park.  After tossing the frisbee a bit, I decided to try climbing the structures nearby.  I started by mantling the cross bar on a soccer goal several times, then moved to a roof-esque traverse under some bleachers.  Not yet satisfied, I climbed up the pole-frame for a batting cage traversed the top, went down the other side, repeating in the reverse direction without touching the ground (V0 to V1 when wet, depending on how campusy you make it).  At my wife's insistence we started to head back after only a few laps on the batting cage, but I was able to convince her to let me play on the swing set on the way back.  I campused all the way across the top bar of the swing set (V0+ for the rusted bar, V2 for the shiny bar when wet), and finally went home happy with pumped out forearms and bleeding hands (just as though I'd gotten in a good climbing session).  I guess it goes to show that even when the cliffs are rained out, there's always your local buildings and structures to play on in a pinch ;).

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