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 On Sat feb 6, 2010 I think i climbed a new line located half way between east face slabs right, and the cleft. the route climbs steep thin ice to thicker with enough ice for a good screw around 25 feet or so at a small ledge, then you can step right to a small corner or continue strait up. (head right for better pro) gain the next ledge and more pro, step back left and down, climb another corner to a good knifeblade and head up to easier ice and the trees, there we left a rap ring on orange tech cord. I will have pics soon as our camera had an epic! luckily Mike Mullins and Richard Duocette were walking by as I placed the pin and Mike snapped some photos. I will post them as soon as i get them

Admin Al:
was up there 2 weeks ago and there was a lot of interesting drips and drools all over the place. hard to imagine that someone hasn't played up there over all the years, but it could be. regardless I guess if it's not already written up, you do it and tell people about it, it's yours.  :D

It wouldnt surprise me to find out its been climbed, that place sees a lot of traffic. The pictures will help sort it out im sure. If it turns out to be new I will call it Deranged

Admin Al:
the one + thing is that every year different drips form. and regardless, I assume it was fun. [grin] BTW did you leave the pin in place?

 I am pretty sure it has been climbed.I climbed a route in that area in the 90s that sounds about the same.I do not think it comes in on a regular basis but it was in a couple of years ago also.


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