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Ethan Pond and Lonesome Lake Climb conditons


    I took my kids out for overnights this week, one at Ethan Pond and one to the hut at Lonesome Lake.
    The climbs behind Ethan Pond looked ok. The lines to the left were in better condition. The center looked ok but very thin in spots. I could not see the right sided climbs well enought to report on. The trail up was well packed to the shelter. There was no evidence of a climbers trail behind the out maybe no-ones gone ? Sorry no pics for Ethan Pond.
    The Climbs near Lonesome Lake looked ok. The ones to the left were again better. The right side looked like a snowfest. See the pics below. The one with two defined areas is to the left.
    I did take a look at Cannon cliff and Omega looked out...sadly I could not see the Black Dike...she was hidden in the clouds.

ELM:'s the left..also did not mean to post this in the new routes section...Newbie error.


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