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perhaps a FRA or variation

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On Saturday 3.6.10 at 11am Mike and I climbed what seems to be a rare route that does not come in all the time. I think that Paul Cormier may have climbed this in the mid 80's. Nightclimber posted a FRA close to our line and called it Deranged. I believe that our line and Deranged are two diferent lines or variations of the same area, not sure but wanted to post here. Regardless if this is a FRA or not It was a fun climb, the ice was thin in many places and detached. It sounded hollow and took in only stubies.

When we arrived there was lots of snow at the base and no signs of tool marks or screw holes. Looked like no one was on it for a long time.

our line is in orange

Cool, good for getting on something different, FA or not!


--- Quote from: meclimber on March 09, 2010, 11:54:08 am ---Cool, good for getting on something different, FA or not!

--- End quote ---

exactly FA or not it was fun

I say thats cool someone else climbed it. When i climbed it the ice to the right up high,was not so good. so i stepped left and found a place for a solid piton. Judging by the line you put on the pic, we climbed pretty much the same line, except the last 10 ft or so over the last steep. So call it what you will, Fa variation or whatever. I thought if the ice was a little better staying right made more sense. it is a cleaner line to the same finish. I am very surprised to hear that here is still ice on it!

Ahhh, another FA witha a mystery pin on it ;)


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