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Double Ropes?

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What is the best technique for managing double ropes?  Do you make separate stacks?  Can you lap coil the two strands together? ???

If you are swapping leads, I find that treating the two ropes as one, lap coiling from long loops to short, works just fine (with a little care, of course).

Treat them as one rope. If they are half ropes clip them separately in pro. Since drag is rarely an issue in ice climbing I would go with the skinniest of twin ropes vrs. half-ropes, but almost always prefer the simplicity of climbing ice on a skinny single (9.1-9.5).

As I'm a bit of a worry wart, and have had seconds half shear a rope with a misplaced ice axe swing, I prefer half or double ropes on ice, despite the slight extra care needed to avoid tangles. I agree with Dman that friction is less of a problem , unless you move so slowly that your rope freezes in place on wet sections  ;D :o  Jeff


--- Quote from: Jeff on December 22, 2010, 11:42:44 am ---.... and have had seconds half shear a rope with a misplaced ice axe swing...

--- End quote ---

I'm a guy of probability, and I have yet to hear of a full cut from a second. Plus, the first time someone knicks their only connection to the belay self preservation instincts should kick in, but you're right 2 ropes are safer than one. Can't argue that!


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