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Re: Double Ropes?
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The main advantage to doubles is the elimination of rope drag, next would be the prevention of rope failure from severing over a sharp rock and the ability to rappel further. In ice climbing most of the rock is covered so sharp edge cuts happen with more frequency in rock climbing than ice. I have never read or seen an incident where a rope failed because it had been punctured with an ice tool. I have read studies where they tried to ruin a rope by puncturing it with an ice tool and were unable to do it. If anyone has any factual findings different than this I would love to have them post about it. Many times in climbing things are counter intuitive from what we think. An example is that placing an ice screw the hangar should be lower than the screw end (angle the ice screw up) to get a stronger placement which is the opposite of what most people use to think. This same line of thinking applies to ropes where many people think the odds are greater to slice it ice climbing versus rock climbing. Do not get me wrong 2 ropes are safer than one but are harder to manage and add weight.

Very interesting data. Thanks...Hmmm....