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UPDATE: Peregrine Falcon nesting at Rumney's Main Cliff

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Admin Al:
I asked and here's what Chris said about the reason the chicks didn't hatch:


In this instance, I believe snow or rain in mid-April.  They were incubating on 31 March and 7 April on a ledge that has failed before in a past year due to flooding.  I had climber Mike Thompson rappel to this ledge on Thursday but he found no eggs.  And no defensive peregrines either.  However, enough time has elapsed that a scavenging raven could have carried any/all abandoned eggs away.

- Chris

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Slab Falcons - nice !

At least they are not "mud falcons"   ;)

Admin Al:
The raptor closure at Rumney has been lifted. Apparently the birds failed to produce chicks this year!

This is quite disappointing...

I am sad for the birds but I will be lying if I do not say I am glad to be able to visit The Main Cliff up to 2 months earlier than otherwise.

I wonder if that super hard late frost was the culprit? I only have 1 apple between two trees this year?  I heard that 90% of VT's apple crop was killed in that frost.


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