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UPDATE: Peregrine Falcon nesting at Rumney's Main Cliff

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Does it make sense that the pair is still hanging around Main Cliff, after the failure to produce chicks?  We saw two annoyed and very loud birds circling the Main Cliff for a while today.

That's interesting.  There's no way a pair that had an unsuccessful nesting could fledge another chick at this point.  Raptors need too long to develop and use too much energy during the first attempt.  Could there be another nest in the general area? 

Goodness, I hope not.  Main Cliff was rather crowded today but I saw no one climbed the second pitches above Peanut Man. Underdog, Know Ethics.  Though there were parties on Beat Junkie and Millennium Falcon most of the afternoon and those routes go pretty high up on the left side of Main Cliff. 

Admin Al:
they'll still hang around, even tho the nest is done. they were there at Woodchuck the day we hiked in there and were vocal for a while.

It is really dangerous in taking an expedition there. We may disturb their living environment. So is advices to take a pause on the trip.


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