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--- Quote from: Mike G on May 02, 2011, 06:10:09 am ---National Forest. Beside, the parking fee has nothing to do with with people who jeopardize access by parking in the road. The fee is for revenue, a whole different can of worms.

--- End quote ---

Yeah - where the revenue actually goes is a ginormous can of worms.  But clearly some should go back to the town for the expenses they are incurring.


--- Quote from: M_Sprague on May 02, 2011, 03:42:32 am ---It's not a state park

--- End quote ---
Thanks for the correction, but no matter what it is called, the fee needs to be paid to support the work they are doing.

Last year, friends and I tried to figure out how much $ the typical climber actually spends in Rumney on a typical day visit.  While we could not agree on a precise figure, we agreed that it is likely quite a bit less than $5.  We figured that most $ climbers spent were done so in Plymouth, not Rumney.  I am as guilty as anyone, I do not eat in Rumney, I do not buy gas in Rumney when I have to stop for gas.  Heck, nine times out of 10, the only stop I make in Rumney in my car is the Main Parking Lot.
It is no wonder to me that we are not a well-liked bunch in Rumney.  I try to be as courteous as possible whenever I see anyone that might be a local resident.  Common courtesy costs me nothing materially and hopefully will do its small part in preventing the situation from getting much worse.

Mike G:
Sneoh, I take it this can be read as don't be an ahole and park in the road, or if people want to spend $ in Rumney get a big ticket and get your car towed?

Mike, the 1st two and don't forget about walking single-file, off the road, facing traffic.
Revenue wise, the ticket and towing thing will do the trick but will do nothing to endear us to the common folks of Rumney.


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