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S&F personalized portfolio
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Chinese famous starzmart images with a world leading KaiXunHang distributors photographic equipments and the portable electronic product protective accessories brand American music perturbation treasure (Lowepro) held in Beijing jointly taken treasure "' music professional consumer electronics photography image ambassador '- famed photographer WangJianJun confer ceremony and' imagine infinite 'KaiXunHang 2011 launch". Conference, le perturbation treasure formally awarded in

photography art and public welfare undertakings with outstanding contribution in the field of Chinese famous scenery photographers WangJianJun sir "le perturbation treasure professional photography image ambassador" title. Magic combination series with Pro Roller shade bag outside? Attach? X50 pocket photography, and American photography lever box ExpoImaging newly released accessories manufacturers creative reflex Rogue flash. Meanwhile, android tablet pc they also to domestic photographer grandly promotes le perturbation treasure innovation product -- designed to carry, facilitate photographer optimization equipment S&F personalized portfolio?If our photography object kept vanishing, photographic equipment exist permanent again have what meaning? We so often ask yourself. Since the date of the establishment of, le to nature, taken treasure aboriginal rendezvous and cultural heritage full of respect and love, this kind of emotion gradually evolved into commitment to protect and restore the commonweal organization provides support career, and make their own products to reduce impact on the planet. Around the world, joy perturbation treasure still photographer, many top co-star, Steve McCurry

Le perturbation of treasure with China environmental protection concept of contemporary famous scenery photographers WangJianJun alike. Beginning from today, WangJianJun will serve as "le perturbation treasure professional photography image ambassador", and happiness perturbation treasure go together, and to promote the development of China's public welfare undertakings tablet pc joint effort. As the current domestic one of the most outstanding scenery photographer of the motherland, WangJianJun western there is a special kind of love, where vast wilderness mountains and a long history humanity is his important creation source. For over ten years

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Re: S&F personalized portfolio
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What does that have to do with climbing? ...   ???
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