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Rumney now on your iPhone

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I see no problem. People are carrying their communicators around with them anyway. I do like the fact that updates and corrections can be done easily.
I'm all for technology, in it's place, like this app. What I don't like about Facebook etc. is the underhanded, all pervasive mining of your privacy.

So when is the Owl's app coming out?


--- Quote from: M_Sprague on June 16, 2011, 06:22:56 pm ---So when is the Owl's app coming out?

--- End quote ---
Cathedral/Whitehorse first, then Green's.  :)  Sorry, Mark.

A real question here - how about something for the Android users among us?  I have never owned anything Apple - yes, I know I am missing out - and I am not about to start now.

Admin Al:
Ward & Candemir: nice job guys. glad to see it. it would be very cool to have a MWV app for the Driod.

Mark - if you are serious about Owl's - let's do the app.

Soon & Al -
We are seriously thinking about Android. The demand is real.
It's just that we have to start from scratch because the operating system and even the programming language are completely different. I think it will happen, but don't want to promise when.

It would be great to do it for MWV - maybe for the new book?


Would be cool if the App were made for all of the major platforms -- iPhone, Droid, Blackberry.  My firm uses Blackberry Torch b/c we are heavy e-mail users through a secure server.  The Good app used by iPhone and Droid just can't compete there so I am stuck with the BB unless I want to spring big coin for a second device.


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