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i have hesistated with this for a while but most of those involved don't care anymore ??? There must be some sweet new falls ?

Jimmie Dunn 60' PLUS off the Beast Flake around "79 or so

Kurt Winkler 30' grounder lead crowbarring a bolt on what is now RepoMan

Dougie's tap the foot near grounder on the 3rd of Airation

Friend Bill Brown's 30+ footer out of the top of the 3rd (chimney/layback) pitch on Recompense somewhere around '73. I caught him on a hip belay and had a burn scar across my lower back for about 5 months. :(  We rapped off and didn't return for about a year.

Admin Al:
my 20 footer off Way In The Wilderness when the pillar completely collapsed on me just before the pin. fell onto a 22cm screw & Screamer, which completely deployed & saved my ass... Toby Savage caught my fall. I still have that Screamer.

Bruce Kumph trying to do the f/a of Diagonal at cathedral around '68 ?  Rope solo.

He fell off the bulge and stopped ,unconscious atop the first pitch of Standard.  I'm guessing this around 150' at least. The "rescue" party could not get up Standard and bruce had to solo down after coming to...

I remember Al Rubin telling a story of someone taking a huge fall on Diagonal. I never heard anything else about it, and wondered if it ever really happened. The way he told it, the rope caught on a small tree which saved him from ground fall.... the only tree in the area. Nice to know the particulars.


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