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Dear New England Climbers,

Many of you may know Tresann Avenia, an enthusiastic member of the Worcester, MA climbing community.  A few years ago Tresann made a determined and full recovery from a serious rock climbing accident in Acadia.  Now, unfortunately, she has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  Her friends have set up a foundation to help ease the financial burden associated with her illness.  (Tresann normally works three jobs, all of which involve helping others.  She is a PTA, massage therapist, and fitness instructor.)  Please check out the foundation website at the address below.  Thanks very much for your help.

Sadly Tresann passed recently.
Man, she was an fighter.

Admin Al:
so sorry to hear this...


I am so sorry to hear of this.

She was such a wonderful person and had a great spirit. She will be missed by many.

There is a memorial service / celebration of her life on Friday 3/8 in Worcester, MA


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