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Mount Washington Valley: Cathedral, Whitehorse, Humphrey's, etc.

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Admin Al:
It rained pretty much all day Thursday, but just flurried on Friday. it's 37 degrees here at Cathedral Ledge at 11:25PM on Friday!

Admin Al:
it's 18 degrees at 9:50 AM. cold cold cold cold... this is pretty much the coldest day we've had this season. it's not likely to get out of the teens all day. the only good thing is that it's not windy here in the Valley. if this doesn't get ice forming, I don't know what will!!!!!

bundle up folks.

Admin Al:
we had freezing rain all afternoon and temps have warmed up to 38 at 8:15 pm. [SIGH] looks like a warm day tomorrow, but getting colder for the weekend.

Admin Al:
48 degrees at 6:30, 44 at 8:15, not very promising... [sigh]

Admin Al:
there's SNOW out there folks! 4-5 already and it's still comin' down. it's a white Christmas...


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