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Crawford Notch: Frankenstein, Mt Willard, Mt Webster, etc.

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Admin Al:
it was chilly on Thursday morning, but warmed up throughout the day, turning to light rain by mid-morning.


--- Quote from: DGoguen on December 20, 2011, 05:14:12 pm ---Went up Lower Hitchcock to Upper Hitchcock Gully today. The lower gully is really bony, hardly any snow in the woods at all. The upper gully had pretty good ice.
The left slabs were still pretty thin but coming along. The right side looked heftier and doable.
Saw someone on Standard at Frankenstein when I drove past, definitely looked thin from that far away.

--- End quote ---


Better than nothing right!!

Anyone driven past Mt Webster lately?  Looking to head up shoestring gully next week.  Hopefully there is some ice to climb??

Admin Al:
if you're getting the Report, check the pictures of Shoestring and Hitchcock taken today. not too good right now IMNSHO. that said, I climbed Elephant Head and it was wet but possible... it's got to get cold!

Al...could you run this thread..and all condition threads backwards? That means the latest post first.  I may be able to do this with the options you have: if so please enlighten me.


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