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Crawford Notch: Frankenstein, Mt Willard, Mt Webster, etc.

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Admin Al:
Drove up to Crawford Notch this morning. There was ice forming here and there, but definitely nothing climbable. I took a mountain bike ride up Sawyer River Road and by the time I got back to the car at 1 pm it was 45 degrees! Cold at night, but just too warm in the daytime.

Admin Al:
Lots of snow in the higher elevations from overnight, and more coming down all day today. Anything like Shoestring or that ilk will be pretty filled up for a day or two and it's a good idea to avoid them. There is ice to be climbed in various places like Lost In The Forest and Standard Route. At this rate more will be available by early next week.

Stay tuned...

Admin Al:
Things are pretty amazing for this time of year, but still seriously lacking in some ways. The Amphitheater at Frankenstein is still not IN, but Clawcicle in the Hanging Garden is great. There is stuff to climb at Trollville, but Cinema is OUT. In many places the turf is frozen, in others not so much! Go figure.

Protect early, protect often folks...

Admin Al:
It's a freaking mess right now. Check out the updated Report and pictures...


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