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Crawford Notch: Frankenstein, Mt Willard, Mt Webster, etc.

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Admin Al:

if you go to your Profile, Look and Layout, there is an option to show latest posts first.


I was also wondering if individual threads could be set that way (as opposed to all). When these get to 50 pages they could get to be a pain. The alternative would be to delete our old posts if they don't have timely information anymore.

Admin Al:
I don't think that there is a way to set individual topics to that. however, if you can have the best of both worlds by leaving it set to Show Oldest Last. when you want to read threads click the Show Unread Posts Since Last Visit link up by your avatar, and  then click the NEW button next to the thread name. that's how I do it...

That works well. Thanks.

Admin Al:
I've gotten a few comments that my Report is off the mark and that lots of ice is IN and getting climbed everywhere. I would say that things are somewhere in the middle. I would say that most things aren't IN, but that some things are climbable. here is a comment that I received today via email:

"Hanging Garden is pretty much in (and the slab next to it is fat), as is Hobbit Couloir, Waterfall, Lost in the Forest, the Trestle and Trestle slabs. I also did Dropline on toprope yesterday and it was bonded and super climbable.  You probably also know this but Shoestring is in and getting done daily, as is Hitchcock, Cleft, etc."

as always I urge you to look at things directly, make your own decisions and assess your risk-tolerance.



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