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Franconia Notch: Canon Mountain, Lafayette Ridge, Hounds Hump, etc.

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Admin Al:
Canon has been getting some ice on the Dike, not sure about anywhere else...

Was wandering around eagle cliff 2/11.  Got a good look at garcia-vega, soiled
not foiled.  Looked quite healthy for anyone interested. 

Has anyone been on the Black Dike this weekend?  How was the ice?

did hassig's yesterday, the ice was great. just about the same as the photo in the routes section of this site. the last pitch was a hookfest.

the biggest challenge of the day was breaking trail through hip-deep snow leading up to the dike.

Was thinking of doing one or two of the longer routes up Cannon Cliff - looks like the weather's gonna be nice!  Anyone know how the climbing conditions are post storm and all?


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