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20 Below, Center and Left Tablet would of been in good condition early in the am yesterday. I hiked the base around 3:00pm and was sprinting to dodge the falling ice. It was all falling apart. The rest of the cliff had only very limited ice up high. With warm temps and rain today and tomorrow it does not look good for any time soon.


Admin Al:
David - thanks for the information. I am not surprised at all. here's hoping for some consistent cold temps soon...

Since the ice climbing is no good Mopwoers maybe you should come over to Red Rocks. Strange but there is even ice climbing in on Mt Charleston. 

 01/12/2012  Conditions are pretty sad for January.

Tablets- Have not seen them but heard good things

Crazy Diamond- Nope

Extensive Homology- Nope, would be hard to even get there from Glass.

Glass- Several good lines on the second pitch, first pitch was much too thin for screws as of 1/11. Can traverse in from 20 Below.

20 Below- Good and fat. LOTS of running water. Besides the tablets probably the only route at the lake that is "in"

Amphitheater- terrible conditions.
     Gent- no first pitch and hardly no second pitch on both variations.
     Prom- curtain does not touch down, really thin below the curtain.
     Who's Who- nope
     Bullwinkle- nope
     Reign- maybe!

Stormy Monday- maybe, looks like it would be difficult.

Big wall- not much ice

Called- nope

Mindbender area- compared to the rest this are looked good from the road. Renorm looked good, the other two are probably hollow scare fests.

Admin Al:
thanks for posting David... bummed that things are in such poor shape up there. somewhat surprising too... perhaps this round of snow will help, assuming you get any of it!


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