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Re: Anyone have life insurance?
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I think that the insurance most do a diference between sport and trad
For me, the difference is the responsibilities I have in life.  Before wife, mortgage, and kid, I did 50/50 trad/sport and had no life insurance.  Now I have life insurance, wife, mortgage, and kid.  And I do all sport.  And wear a helmet, and hoping to give my 20-year old rack to some young trad stud/studess.  LOL.
I think that guides have complete insurance. But as there salary is low, they don't get much. But I agree with you on the difference on the responsibilities the person have in life. It is a very positive difference. Why some one with child can not climb sport with an insurance as good as some one who take a hike or swim? I know some guy, as there child growth older, came back to trad and do long route at there level on remote area because they like the challenge of it.

of course, I am also thinking of young people who really want to climb and they want to be good. Can we ridiculise enought our great climber, those who open route like the nose, intimidation, mordor wall, bombardment or vmc direct, that the young don't want to be compare to them...or should we make a positive difference between sport and trad in a way that those who need adrenaline hight will go to do base jumping, bungee or other high risk activity. I think that climbers are very serious person who understand the danger of our sport and try to avoid it. A true trad climber don't light adrenaline high. Sport climber understand that and they avoid the danger at 90%. Good for the insurance company.

As some body want that trad as the same activity as sport, insurance can not make a distinction. As you think of that, who's interest is that people don't make a distinction? Certainly not a climber!!!  When you are in front of cathedral ledge, people look at climber in thin air. That the idea they have of climbing. Challenging, rope management, trusty friends...