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RIP JR ...Jack Roberts fell off Bridalveil

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More here:

Sad news.

Watch your topknots out there!

RIP, he is a legend. Nice video at the bottom of the article... not about the accident but the climb itself...

Bouchard refered to jack as a legend- good enough for me.  I met Him when i was just a pup and such a nice guy.

lucky luke:

--- Quote from: robrox on January 17, 2012, 01:44:52 pm ---More here:

Sad news.

Watch your topknots out there!

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As the season begin slowly, we didn't begin to train on easy ground before the real season. Actually, every thing is forming. Just be carefull, you are more prepare when you begin to ice climb in november and the objectif that you want to do in january without training could look easy, but could be harder.

When I buy my ice tool, in july, I just want to try it. It was a late season too and in december I had the opportunity to go climbing. I did a column...When I kick in the ice, my feet past true the column and my boot received the water of the waterfall. The ice was two or three inches ticks. We bail at the top. It was stupid after all.     

Nice quick derailing effort Champ. 139 words that have nothing to do with the topic.


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