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New Line on Mt. Hancock
Yesterday Mike Pelchat and I did what I believe is a new line about 500ft. left (west) of Sheer Elegance. There was no evidence of passage, as we found no rap slings, or scarring of bark on the only logical rap tree at the top. So we named it Sheer Negligance. You can do the right hand side Grade 4, or the left hand corner 4+. It's about 60ft. tall. A great way to finish out the day after doing Sheer Elegance , which is in and in good shape by the way.

Sounds great Paul! Nice work!

way to go.I tried to get out there several times in the 90s but the deep snow and bushwhack took hours and I still wasnt that close.Now I know the way in it would be cool to go out there next year.


I posted some on my face book page


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