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Hi Everybody,
My 15 year old daughter and I just recently started climbing indoors and want to begin rock climbing this spring/summer. I wanted to find a woman guide to help show my daughter that it's not just a man dominated sport. There are obviously some great guides up in NH and wanted to see who you recommend??
Thanks, Dave

Sara Reeder and Joan Veilleux @ EMS Climbing School or Janet Bergman @ IMCS would all be great mentor/guides for a young woman, to name just 3. I'm sure others will be mentioned--there are a lot of women climbing hard and guiding part time in the area, and I'm sure most of them would love to help train the next generation. Good luck to your daughter. Jeff Lea (full disclosure: I guide for EMS, but gain no advantage for my recommendations--I would have been delighted to have my now 24 year old daughter climb with any of these ladies, but she was stuck with me :) !

+1 on any of those choices!

I imagine it's true everywhere, but our little slice of NE climbing heaven has some kick-ass women climbing and guiding and showing us boys up. 
Your daughter will not have to look far for role models, as Jeff says.


Thanks for the replies guys!


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