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Steve Weeks--- BITD
« on: February 27, 2012, 07:36:02 pm »
Well, my man died 20 years ago today and rather than a death spew , i figured a decent trip report from BITD ( i'll do some photos when I can figure how to reduce them)\\


Syeve's trying to get ready for Denali, so i sugest Royal Arches. I have done it once and Steve as well. My idea is a bit strange.. we will simuclimb 'till we run out of gear then switch.  A reluctant OK and off we go

1:03 later, i haven't runout of gear  and am in the trees.   "last timetime this took all day and I got nighted"--Steve

Off to Crest Jewel-- He;s getting a bit leary now-- we move together for the 12 pitches and top in 2:02.. not bad

"I guess I'm ready for Denali"

He did the Cassin round trip in 4 days next month

rip --lad